Removal of Torus (Tori)

Removal of Torus (Tori) in Austin Texas

Removal of Torus (Tori)

Tori (singular: torus) refer to bony growths that can occur in the mouth, particularly on the tongue side of the lower jaw or on the roof of the mouth. These growths are typically benign and asymptomatic, but they can sometimes cause discomfort or interfere with denture fitting. In some cases, tori may need to be removed if they are interfering with speech, eating, or other daily activities, or if they are causing damage to the surrounding tissues.

The removal of tori is on outpatient surgical procedure that involves the use of local anesthesia and specialized instruments to carefully remove the bony growths. The oral surgeon will make an incision in the gum tissue to access the tori and use drills or chisels to gently remove the excess bone.

When should I see my Oral Surgeon?

If you are experiencing any symptoms related to tori, you should schedule an appointment with your oral surgeon. Your oral surgeon can perform an examination and determine whether tori removal is necessary or if other treatments are recommended.

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